Monday, March 3, 2008

Mission Statement

Spend any amount of time within the theatrical blogosphere, and it becomes evident that many of us making theater in America want some sort of change. Our concerns relate to how theater is financially supported, how to elucidate the relevance of what we do, and how to make theater more apparent to the consciousness of our communities and country.

So, the mission of this blog is to create a "Cookbook" of "recipes"...ideas for how to improve the position Theater currently has within the American landscape.

A recipe is a concise description of ingredients and action. A recipe also addresses very specific issues rather than wide ranging rhetorical concern. A recipe has a specific goal. Even if the recipe's outcome can be added to the buffet of various dishes, each one is individual and incremental. Each recipe should strive to be no longer than 500 words.

This space will be dedicated to hypothesis and actionable direction. This blog is not necessarily about "Why" it is important that Theater and Theatrical artists thrive. Here is a place were we propose with clarity, succinctness how we will achieve our shared goal.

Not "Why", rather "How"

If there are individuals interested in contributing to the content of this blog, please feel free to contact me at

Also, if you feel that you frequently address these issues on your own blog and would like to be included in the blogroll, please feel free to contact me.


Anonymous said...

As a theatrical designer, I'd like to see the main regional theaters stop importing the same few New York designers to do their shows. Use the money for travel, housing and per diem to augment design budgets, fees, or reverse the travel to allow local designers travel for purchasing trips. I'm not advocating hiring bad talent just because they are local; however, there is a movement in food for local providers and seasonal flavors. A cookbook for theater would benefit from some fresh thinking, too.

Devilvet said...

Well, devilwearsnada, maybe we need a recipe on ways to improve or market localized value over non localized value regarding theatrical design. Recipe?